Accept any cryptocurrency to any single-wallet address

Smartjex Widget is an embeddable payment form for
desktop, tablet, or mobile devices with built-in multiconverter.
Use it on your site, blog or via direct link — and let the
customers instantly pay in any currency without any redirect

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Multiple currencies

Accept multiple digital currencies and get them
already converted at your single-currency wallet

Under your control

You get funds directly to your own wallet.
Smartjex serves as a mere intermediary agent

No development needed

You can create embeddable widget and add it
to your platform without writing any code

Visual customization

Configure how the widget looks and adjust it
as you wish in a minute

Use cases

Smartjex Widget accepts different coins and then sends you equivalent
in necessary currency. Set your preferred currency and let things rock.

For payments

If you’re limited to accepting a single currency, do not make your clients rush to convert their Ether, Dogecoins, or whatever. No matter how they pay, you will get what you want.

For donuts

Let your audience thank you the way they like, without all the mess with a pile of wallets’ addresses. Focus on creating content, not on the accepting different coins headache.

For personal matters

Create a direct link to let anybody send any coin and, on your side, receive already converted funds onto your wallet. Also, enjoy the nice thing that your wallet address remains unrevealed.

Powered by Smartjex

Smartjex examines different exchange services, aggregates
all offers they provide, and picks the best options in
regards to the set amount, estimated fees and speed

Accept any digital currency via Smartjex Widget

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