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About the service

We are an independent company with hands-on experience in cryptomarkets. Our mission is to deal with routine and create new ways of implementing cryptocurrency into practice by developing blockchain-based products.
We underpin the needs of the market and try to offer brand-new or upgraded solutions to be used as the new status quo.
Last year appeared to be the year of altcoins. Thus, it is necessary to have a tool to easily send and receive any currency, converted one into another. That is why we created Smartjex — multiconverter, a crypto-specialized project, designed to raise cryptocurrency exchange to new levels of clarity and comfort.
Smartjex exchanges bitcoins and lots of other crypto, calculates their best rates, and quickly sends already converted assets directly to your wallet.
Smartjex refers to exchange platforms via their API, it does not request any personal data and has transparent fees:

  • it’s own fee will not exceed 1% of the transaction. The platforms’ fees are usually mentioned on their sites (we reflect what platform is used as the intermediary) — and all this is already included in the offered rates, so you see the total sum except the blockchain fee;
  • independent blockchain fees are shown in your wallet during the very transaction.
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